PIT Mutation Testing Progress

When looking at PIT Mutation Testing, I see a lot of movement there. Releases are frequent (see here) and the progress is visible. I'm really glad to see some discussion on PIT mailing list. I see people reporting real issues which means, PIT is no longer a toy but something that you use in the real life.

What is especially interesting is the growing ecosystem around PIT. We already have a PIT Sonar plugin and from the discussions on mailing list we can expect Eclipse and Gradle plugins as well. This is really, really good.

P.S. If you would like to do some coding and make PIT better, there is plenty of things to do - see roadmap)

At last we have a mutation testing tools that is being used for real and is apparently growing! Good.

BTW. PIT is one of the tools I describe in my book. Which is one more reason to read it. :)

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