Why TestNG and not JUnit?

Recently I've joined a new team and I wanted to persuade my colleagues to migrate from JUnit to TestNG. I decided to prepare a short presentation to convince them. I publish it here hoping that you will find it useful.

To view the presentation click here.

I do not say that you should stop using JUnit right now, but you should really consider using TestNG for your next project.

Yeah, I know, JUnit is great, but... come on, there are better tools. And the cost of migration is really tiny, you know. Nuff said! :)

P.S. Ah, I forgot to mention - presentation was prepared with Slidy + Asciidoc


Love the topic of this site! I am going to be writing unit and functional tests for A RESTFUL API which is implemented using java Spring framework. Do you have any suggestions using TestNG to test REST API's? Is it covered in your book?

replay from blog

Thanks for comment on my blog.

Thanks for link to this presentation as it is very valuable and useful.
(Can i add as link to this post my blog ?)

About your surprise about my lack of excitement.
Reason are quite simple.

My tests are very simply ,so haven't use a real power of TestNG features (as you mention in your awesome presentation).

TestNG and Netbeans was not a best friend at the moment,but as far as i am aware of,it should be better in next release of Netbeans.
So ,if i use in my private project ..However as I using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition for Android development i will try use TestNG if is possible.

As you discovered ,I installed TestNG recently as is used in current project which i am working on at work and .. I planning learn it by using on my java project or android project (if is possible).
So I need time before I will have own opinion about testing tools as i need improve my skills in this field .

One more time ,thanks for comment and link to presentation.


What an extremely inspiring post. I really am very impressed by your offerings. You come up with useful info. Keep it up. Keep blogging. looking forward with true anticipation to reading your next posting.

Infinitest for TestNG

Nice presentation, but I connot found one thing that will convince my team members to migrate to TestNG. Is there any plugin for eclise for TestNG like Infinitest (http://improvingworks.com/products/infinitest/) for Junit?

Eclipse plugin

I've been using TestNG for about 9 months on my project, works very well!!! Here is the link for the eclipse plugin: http://beust.com/eclipse

not that I'm aware of


as far as I know there is nothing like this.

BTW. I'm surprised, I have never met anyone using Infinitest, and voila someone is really using it! :)

what a pity ;/

This tool is damn usefull, when you get use to it, it is hard to go back and launch test manually on your local machine.


Do you have experience with TestNG+NetBeans? The last time I tried this it was horrible although I really liked TestNG so I even tried Eclipse for some months (but I switched later on ;)).

But probably this isn't a problem in the future:

NetBean TestNG support

NetBeans 7.2 that will be released in coming months has added support tor TestNG.

don't know about netbeans

Sorry, can't help you with netbeans. Please try asking on the mailing list: ttp://groups.google.com/group/testng-users

Very useful bullet points/comparisons.

Thanks for this! I've been pushing my team to move away from jUnit for TestNG, but we've had bigger problems (lack of continuous integration) until very recently. Maybe now that our build server works 100% of the time, I should start pushing a little harder!

good luck!


I'm pretty sure you will benefit from moving to TestNG. Hope the migration will not be too troublesome!

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