JUnit Strikes Back

Some time ago I was complaining about the stagnancy of JUnit. This project - even if used by the majority of Java developers - looked abandoned. No new releases, no activity on the mailing list, no updates on the website. However in recent weeks things started to look better. I would like to share with you some comments regarding JUnit current progress.

BTW. I am a long-time TestNG user, but I also use JUnit in some older project. And wish JUnit all the best - we need some competition in testing frameworks area. :)

Few things happened in recent weeks that drew my attention to JUnit.

First of all JUnit 4.11 was released (see the full changelog). No groundbreaking changes there, but many important updates, including some possibility to run tests in certain orders (however very limited, as JUnit still rejects the idea of any kind of tests dependencies).

Second, there is a lot of activity on the mailing list (which was almost dead for quite a long time) and within the community. There is some effort to put up a new JUnit website. People ask about ways to contribute, discuss the state of some features (e.g. categories) and even plan JUnit 5. You can say this is nothing impressive but after such a long time of no activity I am happy to see there is still some life there. :)

There are also some new project emerging around JUnit, like the new initiative of providing Data Driven Testing to JUnit ( see EasyTest) or another attempt at parameterized tests (see Zohhak).

It seems to me that something good has happened recently among JUnit developers and there is a new hope that the project will be developed further. Which is something that thousands of JUnit users are surely waiting for. :)

Github link

Tomku, link do GitHuba sobie zmień - z Kenta Becka na repozytorium JUnit-team.


Muszę uważniej czytać Twego bloga. :-)

Tak... ze zrozumieniem. :-)

Właśnie "odkryłem" JUnita 4.11 bo szukałem czy nie ma sposobu na nazywanie testów parametryzowalnych w JUnicie.

No i jest. :-) Z wrażenia aż przetestowałem i napisałem o tym sam:


A jak już napisałem prawie cały powyższy wpis, to sobie pomyślałem - no, to muszę podesłać to Tomkowi! A tymczasem już to miałeś, choć akurat nie wspomniałeś explicite o nazwach w testach. I nie dość na tym, kiedyś już u Ciebie o tym czytałem i nawet podałem dalej. Najwyraźniej jak podaję dalej, to mi nie zostaje. ;-P :-)

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