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This book is a well-paced introduction to the Kanban world. It will explain what, how and why. It will provide you with tools and ideas. It will open your eyes, and sometimes it will make you smile.

I can promise that after reading this book:

  1. You will understand what Kanban is,
  2. You will know how to implement it,
  3. And you will want to give it a try!

It does not matter whether you are a manager, team leader or a programmer. If you want your team to function better, you should read this book.

Kanban in a few words

Kanban is based on the visualization of an existing process. It calls for limiting the number of tasks that the team is working on simultaneously. It encourages constant process optimization. It promotes a culture of continuous streamlining. It forces you to think in terms of the value delivered to the client. Is supports communication and cooperation among all project participants.

...Isn’t that interesting?


On GoodReads, the readers seem satisfied:

Short, to the point, filled with practical advice and useful content to spot the gotchas and every now and then has the occasional humour. I found myself enjoying this as the author foretold and aimed for: I now want to try Kanban.

[...] Book explain what is the board good for and when it's not enough, what are nice metrics to track, what columns to have (and when) and when not to have them... I like here the fact that Kanban is not sold to us like panacea for all ailments. [...]

Tomasz Borek @lafk_pl

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Read an excerpt

Feel free to check out the table of contents and an excerpt from one of the chapters to learn why high WIP (Work In Progress - the number of tasks that a team is currently working on) harms the team's effectiveness and morale.


Tomek KaczanowskiMy name is Tomek Kaczanowski. I’ve been working in IT for nearly 15 years as programmer, team leader and Agile coach.

The book I wrote is just like Kanban, that is, it is easy to read, lightweight and concise. It gives you a good grounding while encouraging you to dig deeper. It is a book that shows you the way without imposing concrete solutions; it proposes and encourages instead of forcing and constraining.

I hope you will enjoy reading it!

You can find out more about me on social media. Check out my articles and follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

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