New Planned Features of Mockito And TestNG

Recently I was happy to see some new ideas discussed on Mockito and TestNG mailing lists. It is always nice to see plans for improvement, especially in such mature and features-rich projects.

WARNING: both features are has not been released yet! Be patient, please. :)

Mockito - High Performance Mocks

There is a constant effort to make Mockito faster and lower its memory consumption. Right now a very vivid discussion on Mockito mailing list may result in new performance boost and memory savings.

You can read more about it here:

TestNG - Flexible Asserts

I remember few independent threads on TestNG mailing list related to the concept of soft-asserts. To make it short, with some tests (especially end-to-end Selenium tests) there is often a need to execute all tests even if some assertions fail. The thing is that such tests are usually expensive (in terms of execution time) and breaking them only because some minor aspects of web page differ from expectations is not the wisest thing to do. Thus the idea of soft-asserts which gather all errors and fail the tests after they are all run.

Now Cedric has implemented a flexible assert solution which he described in this post: Some community members has already commented on it.
The thing is experimental but seems close to finishing (you can build master from github to play with it).

My personal view on this feature is that... that some time ago I have completely abandoned original asserts of TestNG and use FEST assertions solely, so I'm not sure if I use this new feature at all. Also I haven't really requested such feature. Well, other people did, so I think it might be a valuable addition to TestNG.

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