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44?! great, but now explain please

So you have just developed this new feature and your application can calculate things. Some very, very important things. Business people are happy. least for few days. Then they start asking questions. They want to know how the numbers you give were calculated.


Soft Assertions? Rarely Useful

Soft assertions - are they really so cool as they seem?


Rubber Duck Not Only For Code Reviews

We all know that rubber duck is programmer's best friend (it was also proven that such duck should be yellow for maximum effect). Not surprisingly I have also a yellow toy on my desk. But it is not a duck. It is a little yellow human-like figure.


New Team

Recently I have spent some time thinking about teams. How it happens that few people become a team? What factors are at play? This is pretty important to me right now because few weeks ago I moved to a new team. And I want this team become fantastic. So there is plenty to think about and plenty to do.


Refactoring Time-Related Test

This is a short story of a bad "refactor" of test code. In Poland we say, that "dobrymi chęciami piekło brukowano", which basically means, that trying to do something good can lead to really bad results. Well, I tried to do something good and I failed. Let us take a closer look.


Drive by Daniel H. Pink - review

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink is all about motivation. It explains why the old way of carrot & stick does not work any more. And it shows the new motivation based on three pillars: autonomy, mastery and purpose.


Books To Read 2015

When listening to talks during the last conferences I attended - ACE! Conference and GeeCON - I have noticed that there are some books which titles reappear here and then. I guess this is because they are worth reading. And I plan to read them in 2015 (omg, need some extra time for this!). I have added a short note to each of them to give you idea of what to expect of them.


GeeCON 2015

So, GeeCON 2015 has finished, but the memory remains. Here are some random notes/comments/things-to-remember from this year edition (which was cool, as usual!).


Sign your work

Few days ago I learned a very simple, yet powerful trick which saved me some time. To make long story short, it happened on a test environment shared between few projects.


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