From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 2

This time we will look into Docbook/Fop/PDF generation, which is much more complicated than what we did previously with HTML and txt.


From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 1

First of all, it was obvious to me that I will use AsciiDoc to write books. The rest was only a matter of implementation. ;)

In this serie of blog post I will describe the details of how I have used AsciiDoc, DocBook & co. to generate a book in various formats.


Testing with Fluent APIs

The more tests I write, the more love I feel towards fluent interfaces :) I hope to write someday soon more about Test Data Builders and FEST assertions, but for now only a short list of useful fluent APIs that can help you write nice(r) tests:


You Shall Not Test Methods

When discussing unit tests it often happen that I hear that "unit testing is about testing methods". I do not agree, and because this is something which surfaces here and there so I think the idea deserves a comment.


Fighthing Generics Monster

1000 words about Java generics.


Why Self-Publishing?

I got an email asking why I have decided to self-publish rather than go to some big name like O'Reilly. Here are the reasons:


JUnit Book Is Available

New JUnit book is available! I hope you enjoy it!


JUnit And TestNG - Similar Or Different?

The slides from my short talk about JUnit and TestNG on 18 April 2013, BrighTalks.

To view the presentation click here.


Code Kata - Pager

A simple code kata - "Pager" - which could be used by those who try to learn programming, and especially for TDD beginners.


Failed Build? Never Again!

Oh, a failed test again! And not on your local machine but on the CI server! What to do, oh, what to do?!


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