JDays 2012 - Bad Tests Good Tests - Slides

I've promised to publish the slides from my JDays 2012 presentation "Bad Tests, Good Tests", so here they are.


jDays 2012 - Day 1

So here I am, at JDays 2012 in Goteborg, Sweden. Very, very nice conference with a lot of good talks. Here comes mu summary of the first day.


Custom Asserts For ModelAndView

This blog posts present some custom assertions written for Spring MVC ModelAndView class to make the tests more readable.


TestNG Users Survey 2012 - Results

This post presents results of TestNG 2012 Users Survey.


Cleaning Old Artifactory Artifacts

Problem: growing number of our own released artifacts (JARs/WARs) in our Artifactory. Solution: regular cleaning. This post explains how.


Bad Tests Good Tests - Wasting Your Time

There are some things which are not worth unit-testing. Really, there are. Getters/setters and delegators are the best examples.


TestNG Users Survey 2012

Please fill in a short online survey on TestNG. Let us learn why and how we use it!


Java 7, Jenkins, Ubuntu 12.10 64bit issues

While installing Jenkins 1.486 on Ubuntu 12.10 server (64bit) with Java 7u9 I had two issues with libXrender.so.1 and libXtst.so.6 when running the first Maven build. I solved them and this post contains the solution.


Continuous Delivery And Deployment - Inspirational Quotes - Part 2

Second part of inspirational quotes about continuous delivery and deployment. Hope you enjoy them.

P.S. The first part is here.


Continuous Delivery And Deployment - Inspirational Quotes

Recently I've read a lot about continuous deployment and deliver. This blog post gathers some inspirational quotes which can inspire you to implement CD in your team.


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