Cargo + Maven + Two Tomcats

Recently I've been struggling to make Maven execute two Tomcat instances (with different applications on different ports). I decided to put a solution here so you don't have to discover it by yourself.


Jenkins Maven - No SNAPSHOT project in the reactor projects list

Sometimes when releasing your projects on Jenkins you will encounter this Maven error message:

You don't have a SNAPSHOT project in the reactor projects list

even if your pom.xml contains proper (x.y-SNAPSHOT) version.


Java 7, Jenkins, Ubuntu 12.10 64bit issues

While installing Jenkins 1.486 on Ubuntu 12.10 server (64bit) with Java 7u9 I had two issues with and when running the first Maven build. I solved them and this post contains the solution.


Two Common Issues With Maven-Release-Plugin

Recently, when working with maven-release-plugin (used in some old, long forgotten codebase) we encountered few issues. This post explains two of them.


Build Script Length - Maven 3, Polyglot Maven, Gradle and Ant

A short comparison of length of the build files of Maven 3, Polyglot Maven (Groovy version), Ant and Gradle. Please notice that this is NOT a full comparison of these build frameworks!


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