44?! great, but now explain please

So you have just developed this new feature and your application can calculate things. Some very, very important things. Business people are happy. ...at least for few days. Then they start asking questions. They want to know how the numbers you give were calculated.


Soft Assertions? Rarely Useful

Soft assertions - are they really so cool as they seem?


Refactoring Time-Related Test

This is a short story of a bad "refactor" of test code. In Poland we say, that "dobrymi chęciami piekło brukowano", which basically means, that trying to do something good can lead to really bad results. Well, I tried to do something good and I failed. Let us take a closer look.


KDE vs. Gnome vs. Unity vs. Windows 3.1

Recently during the lunch at work, we have discussed the operating systems. You know, the usual Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac stuff. The discussion wasn't very interesting, because no one opted for Windows. :) So, lacking an opponent, we moved to some Linux related issues.

[from: http://guide.notizie.it/come-evitare-una-flame-war/]


Drowning in the Sweetness of Java 8 Streams

Ok, so this is a rant. You won't learn anything about Java 8 Streams here. Sorry. This blog post is meant to express my frustration. It's flowing from my mind via keyboard to this blog post. I can't stop it. Sorry!


Sayonara Google

Some time ago I have decided to stop using services offered by Google. This is not because I'm disappointed with their quality or features!. It is because the latest Snowden/PRISM/NSA revelations and also due to the feeling that big companies (not only Google) are misusing my private data.


You Shall Not Test Methods

When discussing unit tests it often happen that I hear that "unit testing is about testing methods". I do not agree, and because this is something which surfaces here and there so I think the idea deserves a comment.


Fighthing Generics Monster

1000 words about Java generics.


Bad Tests Good Tests - Wasting Your Time

There are some things which are not worth unit-testing. Really, there are. Getters/setters and delegators are the best examples.


TestNG Users Survey 2012

Please fill in a short online survey on TestNG. Let us learn why and how we use it!


This used to be my blog. I moved to http://tomek.kaczanowscy.pl long time ago.


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