Drowning in the Sweetness of Java 8 Streams

Ok, so this is a rant. You won't learn anything about Java 8 Streams here. Sorry. This blog post is meant to express my frustration. It's flowing from my mind via keyboard to this blog post. I can't stop it. Sorry!

So it is about Java 8 streams. The thing is they are great. They are so lovely and so concise and they allow parallelism that... that, well I have heard it like 100 times already and I have enough! Really, how many evengelists/articles/blog posts/slides/presentations can give the same examples of how cute the new Stream API is comparing to old ugly for loops?!

I f*&#$ promise, few more times and I will use for loops solely and never touch the Stream API again! And if I get really pissed off, I might even go back to Java 1.2. ;)

But the most funny thing is, that in 5 or 10 or maybe 15 years we will have some new toy, and the same people will compare it to the old Streams API with exactly the same smirk on their face. :)

P.S. Yeah, I have told you this is a rant. You have been warned, right?

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