Brontobytes On-Line

Recently my team is moving towards Big Data (or rather it is data coming at us with the speed of light), and this is how we learned about brontobytes. This brought some associations with dinosaurs (not very creative, I know). During some boring meeting ;) I tried to visualize a brontobyte.


First API, then GUI

This post is a dump of my "stream of conscious" (or to put it differently - my emotional mumblings) about the way we waste our time writing clickable GUI tools to run testing scenarios so we can verify the correctness of the software we write.


Self-publishing - few thoughts

Some comments I'd like to share with you after self-publishing my book Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito.


Why TestNG and not JUnit?

Recently I've joined a new team and I wanted to persuade my colleagues to migrate from JUnit to TestNG. I decided to prepare a short presentation to convince them. I publish it here hoping that you will find it useful.


Pretty Useless Javadocs

Valuable Javadocs are hard to find. This blog post presents some really stupid, unnecessary and irritating Javadocs that I found when browsing some code.


Creating Directories With Fluent Interface

A short story about refactoring of a simple utility method - from boolean parameters to the fluent interface. All in the name of making the API perfect. :)


Pros And Cons Of Working With Legacy Code

Is it good for developer to work with legacy code? Is it possible to develop new skills by doing this? Or maybe this is a dead-end that you should avoid? Let us find out.


Working With Legacy Code

Recently I spent some time working with legacy code. The usual stuff - fixing bugs, introducing requested changes. In this blog post I share some comments on working with such code.


Results Of TestNG Users Survey Q4 2011

Results of online survey on TestNG (Q4 2011). Let us learn why and how we use it!


TestNG Users Survey Q4 2011

Please fill in a short online survey on TestNG. Let us learn why and how we use it!


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