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Bad Tests, Good Tests - new book available!

I'm happy to announce the arrival of my new book! :) It is called "Bad Tests, Good Tests" and is all about writing high-quality tests.


Custom Asserts For ModelAndView

This blog posts present some custom assertions written for Spring MVC ModelAndView class to make the tests more readable.


Pros And Cons Of Working With Legacy Code

Is it good for developer to work with legacy code? Is it possible to develop new skills by doing this? Or maybe this is a dead-end that you should avoid? Let us find out.


Working With Legacy Code

Recently I spent some time working with legacy code. The usual stuff - fixing bugs, introducing requested changes. In this blog post I share some comments on working with such code.


Getters/Setters Revisited - Validation of Order Class

This is a continuation of the post devoted to some code smells that was vigorously commented in favour of ugly, anti-OO code design :). Thanks God, I also got an interesting question regarding this problem.

Seems to me, that this topic should be discussed one more time.


How Programming Books Promote Code Smells

This rant is dedicated to code examples (found in books) that promote bad programming habits. Some of them can be counted among famous code smells.

...for God's sake, books should be educational in every aspect !


getters and setters is all I need

Yes, I have a grudge against hibernate. Yes, hibernate. Oh, it's a great ORM, I use it a lot, it's really ok. But... but if an inexperienced programmer learns from hibernate-style classes then the get/set trouble comes.


This used to be my blog. I moved to long time ago.


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