jDays 2012 - Day 1

So here I am, at JDays 2012 in Goteborg, Sweden. Very, very nice conference with a lot of good talks. Here comes mu summary of the first day.

Everything happens in a luxury Gothia Hotel in the very center of Goteborg city. There is around 160 attendees (not bad for the first edition!), and 4 rooms with parallel talks.


This was really a surprise! No IT/technology/methodology stuff! Mattias Ribbing, a swedish memory champion (yes, this is a sport - people compete on who can memorize more numbers, images, etc) gave a very interesting and entertaining talk about memorizing things. A really nice start of the conference.'
I find it especially interesting because after reading the Getting Things Done book I tried to do the opposite, that is to throw away everything from my mind to some notebook or piece of paper. And it seems that it is possible to keep things within your head without OutOfMemoryException! :)

The Talks

I attended 4 talks this day. First was Baruch Sadogursky from JFrog (Artifactory - that should ring the bell!). He had a story about how they transfered Artifactory from normal server-side application to the SaaS model. The talk was interesting, especially the technical part multi-tenancy and getting rid of static stuff from 3rd party libraries. There was also some humor (thanks for reminding me about the Bullshit Bingo!)

Next I had my own talk (the slides are here), and IMHO it went pretty well. I've improved the talk a lot since GeeCON and Confitura, so it has less slides but much better examples. At least I hope this is what I've achieved. I didn't get a lot of feedback though, but from what I've heard the talk was good.

Then there was Olivier Gierke with Spring Data which is an umbrella project over different types of data repositories (MongoDB, Neo4J etc.). Well presented, and as usual for Spring projects, it looks really good. I was not aware of this feature that Olivier presented that you can type a method like this:

List<Person> findByName(String name)

and the actual implementation will be autogenerated! This is pretty magical stuff reminding me of some Grails magic. Really cool.

Axel Fontaine has presented a talk about continuous delivery. It was very well done. Axel showed step by step what are the actions we need to do to deliver continuously. Good talk.

The last presentation this day that I've attended was again by Oliver Gierke. It was about the in-code architecture, namely how to organize your packages so they reflect the dependencies within your business code. Oliver talked about slices (e.g. core, customer, account) which are orthogonal to the typical layers (dao, services, presentation). Along the way he presented few tools, especially Sonargraph.

Between the Talks

I had few very interesting talks during the breaks. First of all Baruch Sadogursky showed me the Artifactory-Jenkins integration that I have read about but never really checked myself. Then we had an interesting discussion with Alex Fontain (author of Flyway) about the new trends in continuous delivery ... well, ok, I admit, he was talking I did the listening ;) From Tomasz Bujok I've learned about retrospective which is a smart log files analyzer.

Also I had few talks with Swedish developers about the IT market and stuff. Really nice.

And BTW. the organization is very good, I have nothing to complain about. The organizer - a company called Solid Beans - did a really great job!

The Second Day

Click here for the second day coverage.


It was a pleasure having you at the conference, thanks for coming and we're hoping to see you again soon, hopefully at jDays2013. Nice writing about jDays conference! Regards from all of us at SolidBeans/Anette

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