The Joy Of Greenfield Project Coding - Part 1

Recently I had a chance to start from a scratch. A brand new internal project. Oh yeah! :)


Finding Latest Versions of Dependencies With Maven

From time to time it is good to see what are the latest versions of the libraries you use (because maybe you would like to upgrade). With Maven you can use the Versions Maven Plugin, but you will get better results if you add a simple bash script. Let me show you how.


KDE vs. Gnome vs. Unity vs. Windows 3.1

Recently during the lunch at work, we have discussed the operating systems. You know, the usual Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac stuff. The discussion wasn't very interesting, because no one opted for Windows. :) So, lacking an opponent, we moved to some Linux related issues.



Testing Google Guava EventBus

Recently I have used Google Guava EventBus in one of my projects. It worked pretty well but testing it was kind of a challenge.

If you are not familiar with the EventBus you can learn more about it here.


Drowning in the Sweetness of Java 8 Streams

Ok, so this is a rant. You won't learn anything about Java 8 Streams here. Sorry. This blog post is meant to express my frustration. It's flowing from my mind via keyboard to this blog post. I can't stop it. Sorry!


Geecon 2014 - Custom Assertions talk - slides

Slides from my recent talk at Geecon 2014. It was a 15-minutes "lightning talk". Enjoy!


Intellij Idea + AsciiDoctor

For one of my projects I write documentation using AsciiDoc. Sometimes I use IntelliJ Idea for this. Up till now, Idea used to treat AsciiDoc files (which I usually name with .adoc extension) as normal txt files. Yesterday, when I opened one of my AsciiDoc files in Idea, I was very surprised to learn that there is a plugin which can help me with the edition of such file. I installed it, and... well, I'm excited to tell you it works very good!


4 Cool Online Tools

It amazes me how many great tools you can find on the web! In this post I describe 4 of them. I hope you find them useful.


REST Testing MindMap

1000 words about testing of REST. Nothing impressive, simply a dump of my thought regarding this subject.


HavaRunner, TestNG Reports and TDD Katas

Recently I've spent some time browsing the Net and learned about some new stuff ("new" meaning "new to me") that I would like to share with you. Let us have a look at HavaRunner, some nice TestNG reports, and TDD Katas.


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