HavaRunner, TestNG Reports and TDD Katas

Recently I've spent some time browsing the Net and learned about some new stuff ("new" meaning "new to me") that I would like to share with you. Let us have a look at HavaRunner, some nice TestNG reports, and TDD Katas.


HavaRunner is a "Java test framework with built-in concurrency support, suites and scenarios". It is built on top of JUnit (as a runner), it also add some more annotations that allows to, for example, group tests in suites.

Usually when I want my tests to run in parallel I tweak Maven-Surefire-Plugin settings. HavaRunner offers different solution to this problem, and also (as far as I understood just by reading the documentation) offers some better control over what is run in parallel. So, all in all, if you are dreaming of parallel JUnit tests, you should probably have a look at HavaRunner.

P.S. TempusFugit offers also some support for JUnit parallel testing.

TestNG Reports/Charts

Automation Testing Utilities developed some nice TestNG listeners, so if you are looking for fancy charts for your test reports, then you might be interested in what they offer: http://automationtestingutilities.blogspot.in/p/reporting.html.

TDD Katas

This one is definitely not new, but I think it is good to go back and do some TDD kata from time to time. Rob Galanakis has reminded me about this with his blog post "TDD via Tic-Tac-Toe". While pondering about his idea of using the gem of Tic-Tac-Toe to teach TDD, I have also found this impressive list of TDD Katas.

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