Intellij Idea + AsciiDoctor

For one of my projects I write documentation using AsciiDoc. Sometimes I use IntelliJ Idea for this. Up till now, Idea used to treat AsciiDoc files (which I usually name with .adoc extension) as normal txt files. Yesterday, when I opened one of my AsciiDoc files in Idea, I was very surprised to learn that there is a plugin which can help me with the edition of such file. I installed it, and... well, I'm excited to tell you it works very good!

The plugin does only one thing, but it's very, very useful. It provides two tabs - one for the source and one for the rendered content, so you can see immediately the result. This is very convenient!

On the downside, the plugin is far from being a fully-fledged AsciiDoc renderer. As it's website describes the status of this plugin is "Alpha but usable in Intellij". Even some basic formattings (e.g. bold) are not rendered.

All in all, I find this plugin very useful for writing simple documents (simple, meaning "without rich formatting"). Perfect for documentation.

P.S. I have opened a topic on AsciiDoctor discussion group to learn about further development of this plugin.

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