Intellij Idea + AsciiDoctor

For one of my projects I write documentation using AsciiDoc. Sometimes I use IntelliJ Idea for this. Up till now, Idea used to treat AsciiDoc files (which I usually name with .adoc extension) as normal txt files. Yesterday, when I opened one of my AsciiDoc files in Idea, I was very surprised to learn that there is a plugin which can help me with the edition of such file. I installed it, and... well, I'm excited to tell you it works very good!


From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 4

Recently I have learned one (very useful!) trick, that I wanted to share with you. It occurred that it is very simple to create PDF files with custom embedded fonts.


From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 3

We already know how to generate HTML, TXT and PDF, but since everyone is using smartphones/tablets nowadays we need to go mobile. This time we will look into ePub and mobi (Kindle) formats.


From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 2

This time we will look into Docbook/Fop/PDF generation, which is much more complicated than what we did previously with HTML and txt.


From AsciiDoc/DocBook to PDF, ePub and mobi - part 1

First of all, it was obvious to me that I will use AsciiDoc to write books. The rest was only a matter of implementation. ;)

In this serie of blog post I will describe the details of how I have used AsciiDoc, DocBook & co. to generate a book in various formats.


Gather All Your Development Documentation In One Place

Want to have always the latest documentation and database schema available? Then build it on your CI!


Nice Presentations In No Time With Asciidoc And Slidy

Asciidoc plus SlidySo, I've fallen in love... With Asciidoc And Slidy! :) They let me create nice, portable presentations in no time.

...M$ Powerpoint? No, thanks. :)


SQL Database Diagrams with SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy

The source code is available at github. Enjoy !
This post shows how to generate nice database diagrams using SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy. And, what is crucial, to do so in programmatic way, that is without clicking any GUI.


A Perfect Environment For Docbook

I spent last few days searching for tools that would facilitate process of writing few articles using Docbook. I analyzed few solutions - mainly XMLmind XML Editor, Vim with various plugins and Asciidoc. This post presents the result of this research.


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