Books To Read 2015

When listening to talks during the last conferences I attended - ACE! Conference and GeeCON - I have noticed that there are some books which titles reappear here and then. I guess this is because they are worth reading. And I plan to read them in 2015 (omg, need some extra time for this!). I have added a short note to each of them to give you idea of what to expect of them.


GeeCON 2015

So, GeeCON 2015 has finished, but the memory remains. Here are some random notes/comments/things-to-remember from this year edition (which was cool, as usual!).


Code Coverage And Alexandre Dumas

Few notes on how setting a high code coverage can do more harm than good.


TimeOut for Configuration Annotations of TestNG

Oldest developers can't recall the times when TestNG introduced timeout constraints for tests methods (invocationTimeOut parameter of @Test annotation). The current beta of TestNG allows to set timeouts also for configuration methods.


Projects Names That Tell A Story

Sometimes if you look closer at projects names you will notice some interesting stuff. This short post is exactly about this - names of projects that are more than mere identifiers.


Will Hibernate Switch From Maven to Gradle?

Based on 'Gradle: why?' blog post from Steve Ebersole it seems like Hibernate is moving from Maven2 to Gradle!

Steve's post is really worth reading. He sums up his 2,5 year of Maven experiences and explains why he thinks of its time to move.

That would be just great for Gradle to "capture" such famous project! Go Gradle, go! :)

[Updated 2010-09-24 Hibernate's trunk still uses Maven. I can see two Gradle branches though: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/hibernate/core/branches/]


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