Will Hibernate Switch From Maven to Gradle?

Based on 'Gradle: why?' blog post from Steve Ebersole it seems like Hibernate is moving from Maven2 to Gradle!

Steve's post is really worth reading. He sums up his 2,5 year of Maven experiences and explains why he thinks of its time to move.

That would be just great for Gradle to "capture" such famous project! Go Gradle, go! :)

[Updated 2010-09-24 Hibernate's trunk still uses Maven. I can see two Gradle branches though: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/hibernate/core/branches/]

P.S. Half a year ago I mentioned that Grails has moved to Gradle and wondered if others will follow. Seems like they do. Good for them!

Hibernate moves to Gradle

Hibernate has now moved to Gradle http://relation.to/Bloggers/HibernateGradlePointers

good news :)

Hello Anonymous,

thanks for info!


Spring too?

AFAIK I saw the gradle script for spring-security a couple of months ago.

Spring Security uses Gradle

I noticed (see http://static.springsource.org/spring-security/site/build.html) that Spring Security uses Gradle.

Not sure about Spring

Yes, I noticed this and even asked a question about Spring use of Gradle in March 2010 on Gradle dev lists and got the following answer from Luke Taylor:

"We are still using Maven as the official build tool, but I've been maintaining an experimental gradle build in parallel for some time. One of the sticking points was generating maven poms with the correct dependency information, but that is now possible with the latest 0.9 snapshots. Hans has helped a lot with suggestions and refactoring so the build is looking pretty good. AspectJ support is the next thing on the agenda."

I don't know if they have any plans for replacing Maven with Gradle.


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