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PIT - development progress - interview February 2013

Mutation testing - once a academic toy and today a new trend in testing. Let us hear what Henry Coles, author of the PIT Mutation Testing tool, has to say about its development.


Code Coverage And Alexandre Dumas

Few notes on how setting a high code coverage can do more harm than good.


OSGi code coverage with Cobertura, part II

This is the second installment of OSGi-code-coverage post. Please read the first part: OSGi code coverage with Cobertura.

In this part I'll experiment with more than one bundle being code-coveraged, and I will also use Spring Dynamic Modules to activate the bundles (instead of BundleActivator that I used previously).


OSGi code coverage with Cobertura

At work, we develop an application which makes heavy use of OSGi. And I need to test the bundles we write. Unit tests are not enough here, because the bundles interact a lot with filesystem and database(-s), so we need a plenty of integration/system tests here. I'm still struggling with the problem of how to organize the tests, how to fire them etc. Anyway, one of the things that I'd like to have is information about the code coverage. So, let's try.


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