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PIT - development progress - interview February 2013

Mutation testing - once a academic toy and today a new trend in testing. Let us hear what Henry Coles, author of the PIT Mutation Testing tool, has to say about its development.


PIT Mutation Testing Progress

Few comments on the latest development of PIT Mutation Testing.


Testing Newsletter - 2012/02

Summary on what happened in JVM (Java, Groovy, Scala) developers testing world in January 2012. Links to the most interesting articles and blog posts. News from JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Selenium, Arquillian, mutation testing and many more. Enjoy!


First Glance At PIT Mutation Testing Tool

Long time ago I got attracted to mutation testing ( Alas, at that time all the Java mutation testing tools were useless: abandoned and forgotten long time ago. Lately I discovered a new tool - PIT Mutation Testing ( - which is actively developed. So I gave it a try. A very limited try (but that is only the beginning!).


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