Clirr Maven Plugin - inner classes problem

Do you know this nice tool called Clirr and its Maven plugin ? Well, it is very nice, although it fails miserably in case of some inner class changes. Thus, it doesn't work for some of my projects. :(

There are bug reports for this:

unfortunately, the project looks dead and no one took care of this.

A pity, really, as Clirr is very, very useful.

So, if you want to be famous (and rich, and young and beautiful), then please devote some time, and fix this nasty bug ! I'll buy you a beer if you ever come to Cracow. :)

Fixed the Bug

I've fixed this bug, so if you're willing to recompile Clirr (or convince the developers to do another release) then you too can enjoy API change detections.

I also wrote a Clirr plugin for Hudson. Contact me if you're interested in it: jgibson ATSERVER mitre PERIOD org

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