Java exPress - introduction to Gradle

I'm happy to announce, that my article devoted to Gradle was published in the latest Java exPress issue. :)

This article will introduce you to Gradle (a powerful and smart build system). Gradle is huge (and still growing), so some concepts were omitted (on purpose), but it should serve you right as a food for thought on what the strong points of Gradle are, and how much easier it can be to perform various build related tasks.

Java exPress is a free online Java magazine. Few first issues were only in Polish, but now also English version is available. Check it out, at

Gratulacje. Nie czytałem, ale

Gratulacje. Nie czytałem, ale odnotowane jako do przeczytania, więc więcej niebawem, ale teraz malutkie spostrzeżenie:

s/what are the strong points of Gradle/what the strong points of Gradle are

Wybacz, ale nie mogłem się opanować, a wciąż przypomina się mi, abym jednak to robił, mimo moich wewnętrznych oporów.

thank you ! fixed

thank you ! fixed

Great article and great

Great article and great success on dzone :)

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