Gradle Status, January 2011

A short summary on status and information of recent achievements and changes of Gradle project. Plenty of new and good things!

So Gradle, is moving fast. Its already stable to be used for production, but its still growing and getting more and more powerful. Recently, new 0.9.1 version was released, see release notes. But of course, we are still waiting for 1.0. :)

I've counted 27 plugins so far, but there are surely more not included on the wiki page. BTW. plugins portal is one of the missing features yet.

Other tools started supporting Gradle. IntelliJ Idea supports it very well (Eclipse seems to be lagging behind). CI servers are getting better and better at it (see for example Hudson CI book - it has a chapter on Gradle integration). I remember reading about Sonar going to support Gradle in future versions. Definitely, it is not a "Maven or Ant" choice anymore!

The Java/Groovy community seems to be very interested in Gradle. I have seen some Gradle news hitting number one place at some time ago.

However, many things are still missing. One is plugin portal. Also some functionalities that are expected (like quick creation of project with all dirs etc) are not there yet (personally, I miss better support for TestNG). But I have to admit that new features are implemented very fast, so it is only a matter of time. Yet, the number of open JIRA issues is still big (and growing!).

The mailing lists are very active, and you will get a help there, if you ask for it. But first read the documentation. It has grown recently, and a DSL language reference was added. Good stuff.

People are blogging about Gradle, see these two for example:

Gradle developers are growing in numbers. Recently, it was announced that Peter Niederwieser (author of spock framework) has joined the team.

Ok, so that would be it for today. I encourage you to try Gradle, if you haven't yet. And if you do, please be active, e.g. raise JIRA issues (and vote for existing), answer questions on mailing lists etc.

Gradle Screencasts

I've created a blog dedicated for gradle related screencast but didn't deploy any new content yet. you can expect more videos, than the initial one I'd moved from to stay tuned! there are more gradle screencasts already available at

This used to be my blog. I moved to long time ago.


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