GeeCON 2011 University Day

It was an interesting day at GeeCON 2011 !

I managed to attend two talks: Paradoxes of API design, by Jaroslav Tulach and JEE 6 tutorial by Antonio Goncalves and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine. Both were interesting.

From Jaroslav's talk I will remember a house/universe metaphor (even though, I don't fully agree) and "API design is not art" statement. Also, it stricken me how API design for desktop app differ from web applications and some libraries that I developed. Interesting.

Antonio and Alexis has given a nice introduction to JEE 6. I have to admit that JEE6 looks much better than its predecessors. However, I'm quite happy with Spring and Hibernate combo, so I don't feel the urge to switch to JEE 6. Will see about this.

Alas, I couldn't have attend Hamlet D'Arcy's talk on Code Generation on the JVM. Ugh, next time maybe. :(

Tomorrow is the first Geecon 2011 Conference Day. I'm really looking forward to it!

Some random notes:

  • I've never seen such huge sandwiches in my life :)
  • SigTest is used at NetBeans to compare version. It seems to work like Clirr, but is much more actively developed.
  • The weather was very hot today.
  • seems to be worth visiting.
  • Every time I look at JSF code, I can't get rid of the feeling, that this is some deteriorated, unnecessary complex variation of what Velocity and FreeMarker offered since ages.
  • It was nice to see some familiar faces (not Java Server Faces!) which I haven't seen for... well, for some very long time.
  • Want to see some photos?

...and now it is time to prepare for my GeeCON talk! :)

I had taken your advice I

I had taken your advice I went to Code Generation on the JVM. Most was not interesting for me but in first part I've found something, what I was missing in Java from long time. If you don't know Lombok try it. It seems awesome


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