Testing Newsletter - November 2011

Summary on what happened in JVM (Java, Groovy, Scala) developers testing world in November 2011. EasyMock 3.1, JUnit Params 0.3, TestNG users survey, database testing tips and many more goodies. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the November September 2011 issue of a monthly newsletter devoted to developers testing tools and trends in the JVM world.

So, let us see what important things happened in November 2011.

Testing Tools, Frameworks & Articles About Them





ScalaTest & ScalaMock




Integration/End-to-end Testing Tools






Code Coverage

Articles, Blogs, Discussions on Developers Tests

See you next month!

If you happen to author a testing-related tool or wrote interesting article, and would like to be mentioned in the newsletter, please contact me by mail.
Thank you, this is the end of Testing Newsletter November 2011 issue.

I plan to publish the newsletter monthly bringing the news from JUnit, TestNG, Spock, ScalaTest, jBehave, easyb, Mockito, EasyMock, JMock, Powermock, FEST Assertions, Hamcrest, Arquillian, Cargo, Selenium, soapUI, jMeter and many more.

Very good collection

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short of time, sorry

The idea is nice, but I'm short of time, and will not be able to take care of another group of tools. I want to stick to testing realm (which is huge enough for me). :)


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