A New Book On Unit Tests - Q1 2012

I'm happy to announce that my book on unit tests - Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito - will be available in Q1 2012! Stay tuned!

The book is a very complete and detailed handbook on unit testing. It covers all the things you should know to write high quality unit tests.

I will soon publish more information on the book. Follow me on Twitter for news.

Polska wersja książki ukaże się w dwa miesiące po wersji angielskiej (~kwiecień 2012). Czekajcie cierpliwie! :)

If want to know why fairies die, who is the mother of all objects, how to perform code reviews of test code, when and how to use the test-first approach, what is the difference between stub, mock and test spy, how to use Mockito effectively, and thousands of other things about unit testing, then you should definitely give it a try. :)

Please visit the official site of the book for more information.

Congratulations Tomek!

Hi Tomek, congratulations! From the official site of the book, I find you will post source code after you publish the book, which is very very good for our coders. How do you publish this book? Do you have kindle version? Looking forward to your book on unit tests! Thanks.

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thank you!

I plan to self-publish the book. The printed version probably via createspace.com on Amazon. There will be kindle version as well, ePub and PDFs (vie e-junkie.com).

I hope you like it when the book finally hit the shelves! :)

Printed version available?

Hi, I am wondering if you know when the printed version of your book will be released?

printed version - working on it


I'm really sorry, I am not able to answer this question yet. The PDF for printing is ready, but I have no experience with Amazon printing service so far (apart from reading its documentation) and I do not know how long it takes after I upload the file till it is available in print. I hope it doesn't take ages.

I will inform you (using twitter, google plus and book site) when I know anything for sure.

Tomek Kaczanowski


When we can expect Kindle or Mobi version of your book?

ePub should be ready really soon


I plan to release ePub really soon (meaning: next few days if not this weekend).

As for Kindle, it depends to some extent on Amazon (see my reply to another comment above).

I have no plans for Mobi but I hope ePub will be also fine. Will it?

Tomek Kaczanowski

Thx for reply. Yeah, will be

Thx for reply. Yeah, will be fine. Waiting especially for Kindle edition.


This used to be my blog. I moved to http://tomek.kaczanowscy.pl long time ago.


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