GeeCON 2012: Bad Tests, Good Tests

Slides from my GeeCON 2012 talk "Bad Tests, Good Tests" along with the links to the technologies mentioned there.


I would recommend the slides for for people who has attended the show because the slides are pretty concise and all the important things were rather told than printed. And BTW., if you plan to be at Confitura you better DON'T look at them. I will (probably) give the same talk there (well, not exactly the same but close to it) - no need to spoil your fun, really!


During the talk I mentioned few technologies. I put links below so you can check for yourself if they are worth your time (hint: they are):

  • TestNG
  • Mockito
  • FEST Fluent Assertions - few people took their interest in FEST, mainly because of its method-chaining feature (e.g. assertThat(x).isSomething().hasValue(y)), which makes writing code a breeze as IDE autocomplets it (I do not use Hamcrest, but people were complaining about the lack of decent autocompletion - at least for Eclipse),
  • catch-exception - this was a surprise for me that this tiny library was also noticed by people. And BTW. FEST also offers something similar (not so nice though, because you still have to do the try/catch, see ThrowableAssert javadoc
  • make-it-easy - a "tiny framework that makes it easy to write Test Data Builders in Java"

Thanks for your slide

Hi Tomek,

Thanks for your slide ,though it is concise. But I think it is enough for me to understand your idea. Very Good!

I am planning to share your slides to our students in a class of software testing. Can I use your side, just part of it?


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use it

Hi Anonymouse,

please use the slides. Hopefully they will serve some good purpose. :)

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