Gradle talk - Java Camp #3, 10 April 2010 - slides and source code

If you are interested in slides (in polish) and source code of
Gradle presentation that I gave during Java Camp #3 (10 April 2010,
Cracow, Poland) you will find them here.

Please notice the source code attached at the end of this text.


You can download slides here:

Missing Points

I forgot (or had no time) to show some features of Gradle.

Generation of Maven POMs

Gradle can generate Maven poms and artifacts. The presentation that you can download contains an additional slide that shows how to do it. You should also check the source code section below (see "webapp" module).

Configuration is EASY

The second thing I missed is an example of how easy and straightforward is to jump out of the default configuration and change things to your liking.

Source Code

Few words about the sources. Each folder contains a separate build. Below I put some information on what commands to execute in each of them (usually the same stuff that I did during the presentation).

Important - please notice that for some projects there are also other build files (apart from the standard build.gradle) which presents some additional stuff. To run them use -b, for example ("webapp"):

gradle -b build_maven.gradle -t - will show all tasks in this build file
gradle -b build_maven.gradle install - will execute install task from this build file


gradle -v
gradle -?
gradle -r
gradle -t
gradle hello
gradle myTask


gradle -t
gradle -m third
gradle third
gradle third -x second
gradle --gui


gradle -n
gradle uploadArchives
gradle clean
gradle zipAll


gradle build
gradle clean eclipse
gradle ui:swing:run
gradle -n ui:swing
gradle ui:web:build
gradle -a ui:web:build
gradle ui:web:buildNeeded
gradle core:build
gradle core:buildDependent


gradle generateReport


gradle build
gradle war
gradle clean
gradle war -i
gradle clean -i
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Hi! Your presentation on JavaCamp pushed me to try Gradle in the nearest future. What do you think about efficient using at standard tasks (creating wars/jars/ears un/deploy, run tests, etc with no Groovy syntax knowledge?


Gradle without Groovy is possible but not comfortable

Hello Darek,

It is possible to use Gradle without knowing Groovy and if you keep with basic tasks you probably do not need to learn the new language.
Nevertheless, to start something more interesting or solve some non-standard issues you would benefit greatly from Groovy knowledge. Seems to me, that Gradle will push you towards Groovy in the end (which is not a bad thing btw).
But you can start without Groovy knowledge.


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