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Java Camp 8 - Krakow - Why/What/How We Learn?

During Java Camp 8 (see - in Polish!) we had a 1h discussion about why we (Java developers) learn, what we learn, and how we learn. This blog post provides some notes (however, I do not claim them to be representative for the discussion - there are merely things that I remembered).


Java Camp 7 - Krakow - Hadoop, RESTEasy, Web Apps Security and FREE PIZZA!

Today I attended Java Camp #7 in Krakow (see for event announcement). The meeting was devoted to web applications security, Hadoop and RESTEasy. There were also some additional goodies - discussion panel, free pizza and some licences for really cool software.


Gradle talk - Java Camp #3, 10 April 2010 - slides and source code

If you are interested in slides (in polish) and source code of
Gradle presentation that I gave during Java Camp #3 (10 April 2010,
Cracow, Poland) you will find them here.


Gradle talk - Java Camp #3, 10 April 2010, Cracow, Poland

If you happen to be in Cracow (Poland) this Saturday (10 April 2010) and you know polish :) you might be interested in attending the Java Camp #3 conference. See for detailed agenda.

I'm happy to announce that I will give a talk on Gradle at 11 am. I have 1,5 hour to present Gradle and show how it compares to Ant/Maven. My plan is to show a lot of code to present how Gradle can solve real-life scenarios ...and bash Ant/Maven along the way ;).

Hope you will be there !


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