Zohhak - JUnit Parameterized

The default support for parameterized tests is one of the greatest weaknesses of JUnit. Let us see how Zohhak can help.


JDays 2012 - Bad Tests Good Tests - Slides

I've promised to publish the slides from my JDays 2012 presentation "Bad Tests, Good Tests", so here they are.


Custom Asserts For ModelAndView

This blog posts present some custom assertions written for Spring MVC ModelAndView class to make the tests more readable.


TestNG Users Survey 2012 - Results

This post presents results of TestNG 2012 Users Survey.


Bad Tests Good Tests - Wasting Your Time

There are some things which are not worth unit-testing. Really, there are. Getters/setters and delegators are the best examples.


TestNG Users Survey 2012

Please fill in a short online survey on TestNG. Let us learn why and how we use it!


Bad Tests Good Tests - True, False and Magic Switches

If we expect our tests to act as a documentation then we need to put some effort into their readability.


Bad Tests Good Tests - Modification of Global State

For unit tests a rule of thumb is to keep them independent from each other. It is not so bad if we introduce a dependency on purpose (and explicitly declare it e.g. using TestNG dependsOnMethod feature). A worse scenario is when we are not aware of the dependency ourselves. This can bring serious problems on our heads.


First API, then GUI

This post is a dump of my "stream of conscious" (or to put it differently - my emotional mumblings) about the way we waste our time writing clickable GUI tools to run testing scenarios so we can verify the correctness of the software we write.


New Planned Features of Mockito And TestNG

Recently I was happy to see some new ideas discussed on Mockito and TestNG mailing lists. It is always nice to see plans for improvement, especially in such mature and features-rich projects.


This used to be my blog. I moved to http://tomek.kaczanowscy.pl long time ago.


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