GeeCON 2012: Bad Tests, Good Tests

Slides from my GeeCON 2012 talk "Bad Tests, Good Tests" along with the links to the technologies mentioned there.


Why TestNG and not JUnit?

Recently I've joined a new team and I wanted to persuade my colleagues to migrate from JUnit to TestNG. I decided to prepare a short presentation to convince them. I publish it here hoping that you will find it useful.


From JUnit to TestNG - migration story

I've joined a new team recently and (to my horror and dismay ;) I've found out that we use JUnit! Well, I just had to do something about it, namely switch to TestNG ASAP! :)


Looking for bad tests!

I'm looking for bad test code, so if you have some, please send me!


Creating Directories With Fluent Interface

A short story about refactoring of a simple utility method - from boolean parameters to the fluent interface. All in the name of making the API perfect. :)


A New Book On Unit Tests - Q1 2012

I'm happy to announce that my book on unit tests - Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito - will be available in Q1 2012! Stay tuned!


Code Retreat, Cracow, 2011 - Been There, Done That

I attended Global Day Code Retreat, Kraków, 2011. It was a very nice event. Below you will find some notes about it.


Results Of TestNG Users Survey Q4 2011

Results of online survey on TestNG (Q4 2011). Let us learn why and how we use it!


TestNG Users Survey Q4 2011

Please fill in a short online survey on TestNG. Let us learn why and how we use it!


GeeCON 2011 Who Watches The Watchmen?

Slides from GeeCON 2011 "Who watches the watchmen? - on quality of tests" are available. Enjoy ! :)


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