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Self-publishing - few thoughts

Some comments I'd like to share with you after self-publishing my book Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito.

Java 7 New Features Cookbook - Book Review

This is a review of "Java 7 New Features Cookbook" book by Richard M. Reese, and Jennifer L. Reese (Packt Pub, 2012)

A Glimpse of Awaitility

Today I had a task to first deploy a webapp and then verify whether it was properly deployed. Obviously there are things to consider:

  • it takes time till the app is deployed and started,
  • it is hard to say how long it takes.

One solution would be to wait for some safe time (2 minutes? 3 minutes?) and then check if the app responds to requests. Yes, but it would be definitely more efficient to do it in some kind of a loop, so you do not waste too much time if, for example, everything is up and ready in 1 minute 20 seconds.

Jenkins Plugins - View Customization

Jenkins provides a lot of useful plugins but you do not need all of them. Here is the list of plugins I use to customize the view of Jenkins.

GeeCON 2012: Been There, Done That

Below you will find my notes taken during and after GeeCON 2012 event. Much more could be said about this fantastic event but this is what I managed to write down. Enjoy!

GeeCON 2012: Bad Tests, Good Tests

Slides from my GeeCON 2012 talk "Bad Tests, Good Tests" along with the links to the technologies mentioned there.

Flyway - first impressions

After some discussion we decided to use Flyway for our db management. In this post I share some first impressions.

Why TestNG and not JUnit?

Recently I've joined a new team and I wanted to persuade my colleagues to migrate from JUnit to TestNG. I decided to prepare a short presentation to convince them. I publish it here hoping that you will find it useful.

PIT Mutation Testing Progress

Few comments on the latest development of PIT Mutation Testing.

From JUnit to TestNG - migration story

I've joined a new team recently and (to my horror and dismay ;) I've found out that we use JUnit! Well, I just had to do something about it, namely switch to TestNG ASAP! :)

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