Confitura 2012 Been There, Done That

My relation from Confitura 2012 event.

No fluff, just stuff, so let us get to the point. And the point is, that there were many really good talks this year!


GeeCON 2012: Been There, Done That

Below you will find my notes taken during and after GeeCON 2012 event. Much more could be said about this fantastic event but this is what I managed to write down. Enjoy!


GeeCON 2012: Bad Tests, Good Tests

Slides from my GeeCON 2012 talk "Bad Tests, Good Tests" along with the links to the technologies mentioned there.


Java Camp 7 - Krakow - Hadoop, RESTEasy, Web Apps Security and FREE PIZZA!

Today I attended Java Camp #7 in Krakow (see for event announcement). The meeting was devoted to web applications security, Hadoop and RESTEasy. There were also some additional goodies - discussion panel, free pizza and some licences for really cool software.


Code Retreat, Cracow, 2011 - Been There, Done That

I attended Global Day Code Retreat, Kraków, 2011. It was a very nice event. Below you will find some notes about it.


GeeCON 2011 Who Watches The Watchmen?

Slides from GeeCON 2011 "Who watches the watchmen? - on quality of tests" are available. Enjoy ! :)


GeeCON 2011 Conference Day I and II

This is a review of the first and the second GeeCON 2011 Conference Days.


GeeCON 2011 University Day

It was an interesting day at GeeCON 2011 !

I managed to attend two talks: Paradoxes of API design, by Jaroslav Tulach and JEE 6 tutorial by Antonio Goncalves and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine. Both were interesting.


Javarsovia 2010 - been there, done that

Shortly speaking Javarsovia 2010 was great! I enjoyed it very much.

I want to thank very much to all people involved in the organization of this event. Great job! Everything worked fine and I was really impressed by the number of people that came to Javarsovia 2010.


Gradle talk on Javarsovia 2010 - presentation, source code and comments

Here come slides, source code and some comments on my Gradle talk on Javarsovia 2010. Enjoy!


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