Brontobytes On-Line

Recently my team is moving towards Big Data (or rather it is data coming at us with the speed of light), and this is how we learned about brontobytes. This brought some associations with dinosaurs (not very creative, I know). During some boring meeting ;) I tried to visualize a brontobyte.


New Planned Features of Mockito And TestNG

Recently I was happy to see some new ideas discussed on Mockito and TestNG mailing lists. It is always nice to see plans for improvement, especially in such mature and features-rich projects.


Confitura 2012 Been There, Done That

My relation from Confitura 2012 event.

No fluff, just stuff, so let us get to the point. And the point is, that there were many really good talks this year!


A Glimpse of Awaitility

Today I had a task to first deploy a webapp and then verify whether it was properly deployed. Obviously there are things to consider:

  • it takes time till the app is deployed and started,
  • it is hard to say how long it takes.

One solution would be to wait for some safe time (2 minutes? 3 minutes?) and then check if the app responds to requests. Yes, but it would be definitely more efficient to do it in some kind of a loop, so you do not waste too much time if, for example, everything is up and ready in 1 minute 20 seconds.


GeeCON 2012: Been There, Done That

Below you will find my notes taken during and after GeeCON 2012 event. Much more could be said about this fantastic event but this is what I managed to write down. Enjoy!


Flyway - first impressions

After some discussion we decided to use Flyway for our db management. In this post I share some first impressions.


Why TestNG and not JUnit?

Recently I've joined a new team and I wanted to persuade my colleagues to migrate from JUnit to TestNG. I decided to prepare a short presentation to convince them. I publish it here hoping that you will find it useful.


PIT Mutation Testing Progress

Few comments on the latest development of PIT Mutation Testing.


Code Retreat, Cracow, 2011 - Been There, Done That

I attended Global Day Code Retreat, Kraków, 2011. It was a very nice event. Below you will find some notes about it.


Pros And Cons Of Working With Legacy Code

Is it good for developer to work with legacy code? Is it possible to develop new skills by doing this? Or maybe this is a dead-end that you should avoid? Let us find out.


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