A Perfect Environment For Docbook

I spent last few days searching for tools that would facilitate process of writing few articles using Docbook. I analyzed few solutions - mainly XMLmind XML Editor, Vim with various plugins and Asciidoc. This post presents the result of this research.


Say No to Self-Shunt

My 3 cents on self-shunt testing pattern.

If you are not familiar with this pattern please read the following:

  1. The 'Self-Shunt' Unit Testing Pattern - original article by Michael Feathers,
  2. Self-Shunt blog post by Paul.

Will Hibernate Switch From Maven to Gradle?

Based on 'Gradle: why?' blog post from Steve Ebersole it seems like Hibernate is moving from Maven2 to Gradle!

Steve's post is really worth reading. He sums up his 2,5 year of Maven experiences and explains why he thinks of its time to move.

That would be just great for Gradle to "capture" such famous project! Go Gradle, go! :)

[Updated 2010-09-24 Hibernate's trunk still uses Maven. I can see two Gradle branches though: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/hibernate/core/branches/]


Javarsovia 2010 - been there, done that

Shortly speaking Javarsovia 2010 was great! I enjoyed it very much.

I want to thank very much to all people involved in the organization of this event. Great job! Everything worked fine and I was really impressed by the number of people that came to Javarsovia 2010.


Gradle talk on Javarsovia 2010 - presentation, source code and comments

Here come slides, source code and some comments on my Gradle talk on Javarsovia 2010. Enjoy!


How to Make Your Geeky Presentation Worse

So you are a geek? And you want to present a technical topic on JUG or maybe some conference? Ok, here comes some anti-patterns that will help you to ruin your talk. :)


Builds Are Complex So Choose Your Tools Wisely

While preparing for Javarsovia 2010 Gradle speech I tried to list all things that are performed during builds. I remembered few last projects of mine and tried to categorize various actions that happen during their build. The result surprised me - seems like today's builds do a lot of very different stuff.


What is "Done"?

When can you say that a task is done? This is an old topic but still important and still being discussed over and over by almost any team. Lately my team decided to come with a definition of done. This post presents our view on "what is 'done'?".


Gradle talk on Javarsovia 2010

I'm happy to announce that I will give a talk on Gradle on Javarsovia 2010 conference. The event will take place on 26th of June 2010 in Warsaw, Poland.


Invoking m2release plugin on Hudson with cURL

A short information on how to execute a M2 Release Plugin on Hudson CI using cURL


This used to be my blog. I moved to http://tomek.kaczanowscy.pl long time ago.


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