Gradle Status, January 2011

A short summary on status and information of recent achievements and changes of Gradle project. Plenty of new and good things!


SQL Database Diagrams with SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy

The source code is available at github. Enjoy !
This post shows how to generate nice database diagrams using SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy. And, what is crucial, to do so in programmatic way, that is without clicking any GUI.


Testing Basics: Results of Tests

Tests executed by hand can end up with plethora of results ranging from "*#$& exception!!" to "it works... and this exception has always been there". In case of automated tests things look different. There are only few possible outcomes. Let us take a closer look at them.


Developers' Testing Dilemma: Aim for Verification or Design?

Few notes on two approaches to testing. Some people seem to be more interested in verification, others aim for better design.


Wasting Your Time By Not Writing Tests

Automation is the key to successful testing. This post explains why other ways of software verification are a waste of time.


Build Script Length - Maven 3, Polyglot Maven, Gradle and Ant

A short comparison of length of the build files of Maven 3, Polyglot Maven (Groovy version), Ant and Gradle. Please notice that this is NOT a full comparison of these build frameworks!


Code Coverage And Alexandre Dumas

Few notes on how setting a high code coverage can do more harm than good.


TimeOut for Configuration Annotations of TestNG

Oldest developers can't recall the times when TestNG introduced timeout constraints for tests methods (invocationTimeOut parameter of @Test annotation). The current beta of TestNG allows to set timeouts also for configuration methods.


Projects Names That Tell A Story

Sometimes if you look closer at projects names you will notice some interesting stuff. This short post is exactly about this - names of projects that are more than mere identifiers.


JSF 2.0 Cookbook - book review

This is a review of "JSF 2.0 Cookbok" book by Anghel Leonard (Packt Pub, 2010).


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