Jenkins Plugins - View Customization

Jenkins provides a lot of useful plugins but you do not need all of them. Here is the list of plugins I use to customize the view of Jenkins.


Creating Directories With Fluent Interface

A short story about refactoring of a simple utility method - from boolean parameters to the fluent interface. All in the name of making the API perfect. :)


First Glance At PIT Mutation Testing Tool

Long time ago I got attracted to mutation testing ( Alas, at that time all the Java mutation testing tools were useless: abandoned and forgotten long time ago. Lately I discovered a new tool - PIT Mutation Testing ( - which is actively developed. So I gave it a try. A very limited try (but that is only the beginning!).


Gather All Your Development Documentation In One Place

Want to have always the latest documentation and database schema available? Then build it on your CI!


Working With Legacy Code

Recently I spent some time working with legacy code. The usual stuff - fixing bugs, introducing requested changes. In this blog post I share some comments on working with such code.


Two Common Issues With Maven-Release-Plugin

Recently, when working with maven-release-plugin (used in some old, long forgotten codebase) we encountered few issues. This post explains two of them.


Why Nightly Build Is A Must-Have

That is pretty cool that your CI polls SCM every minute to build and tests your code instantly. However, you still need a nightly build. Read why.


Visualization Of Dependent Test Methods

One day I started to experiment with visualization of test dependencies. I thought that maybe Graphviz can help to provide some nice diagrams that would help me see instantly what went wrong, and why some tests are skipped. In this post I present my achievements so far.


SQL Database Diagrams with SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy

The source code is available at github. Enjoy !
This post shows how to generate nice database diagrams using SchemaSpy, HSQLDB and Groovy. And, what is crucial, to do so in programmatic way, that is without clicking any GUI.


TimeOut for Configuration Annotations of TestNG

Oldest developers can't recall the times when TestNG introduced timeout constraints for tests methods (invocationTimeOut parameter of @Test annotation). The current beta of TestNG allows to set timeouts also for configuration methods.


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