JUnit Strikes Back

Some time ago I was complaining about the stagnancy of JUnit. This project - even if used by the majority of Java developers - looked abandoned. No new releases, no activity on the mailing list, no updates on the website. However in recent weeks things started to look better. I would like to share with you some comments regarding JUnit current progress.


Zohhak - JUnit Parameterized

The default support for parameterized tests is one of the greatest weaknesses of JUnit. Let us see how Zohhak can help.


Brontobytes On-Line

Recently my team is moving towards Big Data (or rather it is data coming at us with the speed of light), and this is how we learned about brontobytes. This brought some associations with dinosaurs (not very creative, I know). During some boring meeting ;) I tried to visualize a brontobyte.


New Planned Features of Mockito And TestNG

Recently I was happy to see some new ideas discussed on Mockito and TestNG mailing lists. It is always nice to see plans for improvement, especially in such mature and features-rich projects.


PIT Mutation Testing Progress

Few comments on the latest development of PIT Mutation Testing.


GeeCON 2011 Conference Day I and II

This is a review of the first and the second GeeCON 2011 Conference Days.


GeeCON 2011 University Day

It was an interesting day at GeeCON 2011 !

I managed to attend two talks: Paradoxes of API design, by Jaroslav Tulach and JEE 6 tutorial by Antonio Goncalves and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine. Both were interesting.


Gradle Status, January 2011

A short summary on status and information of recent achievements and changes of Gradle project. Plenty of new and good things!


Will Hibernate Switch From Maven to Gradle?

Based on 'Gradle: why?' blog post from Steve Ebersole it seems like Hibernate is moving from Maven2 to Gradle!

Steve's post is really worth reading. He sums up his 2,5 year of Maven experiences and explains why he thinks of its time to move.

That would be just great for Gradle to "capture" such famous project! Go Gradle, go! :)

[Updated 2010-09-24 Hibernate's trunk still uses Maven. I can see two Gradle branches though:]


Grails uses Gradle now

Only a short news today: Grails is using Gradle now ! Graeme Rocher (Grails Project Lead) informed that the old Ant build was replaced with Gradle.

Hurray ! One more step for Gradle to take over the world ! ;)

I'm pretty sure we will soon hear about other well-known projects migrating to Gradle.


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